Our guests and our students took part in a sightseeing quest through the inner city of Vienna. They explored the Ringstraße and the first district with a set of riddles and questions.

The results:

  1. group „no name“ (Patricia, Milena, Margo, Marie, Aporien, Milica)
  2. group „multi culti“ (Aulona, Chris, David, Cynthia, Lea, Baptiste and Loretta)
  3. group „Kaiserschmarren“ (Hasna, Rahul, Anna, Peter Paul, Yasemin, Ulrik, Christoffer)
  4. group „Ausländer <3“ (Lukas, Sandra, Sara, Carolina, Sasha)
  5. group „Les Tchoins“ (Celia, Clea, Frederik, Malin, Momo, Sim Sim)
  6. group „s. happens“ (Tom, Sophie, Theodor, Oscar, Live)
  7. group „Unknwn“ (Xenia, Oscar, Julien, Marco, Lea, Mather)