1) “The Schnitzel‐movie”

From the very first ideas, until the moment we finally finished shooting it, it was a long way. I want to be honest and say that at the beginning we had a lot of ideas, but we were quite unsure on how to realize them in the video, so it was kind of a disaster. Everyone thought that the “Schnitzel group” would fail. In the end we decided to talk about the history of the Schnitzel, because we thought the viewers would enjoy it and fortunately everything went well. Then we went to “Figlmüller”, the best‐known Wiener Schnitzel restaurant in Vienna, where you have to reserve a table or you have to queue up for a long time. We thought people would enjoy learning more about Schnitzel, because it looks very good and it ́s really tasty. Thus we decided to show a preparation and the different types of it, so people could chose their favorite one. By the way they are all self‐made. Finally we asked the other students from the project schools some questions about Schnitzel and a couple of them answered. All in all I found it very cool to be part of this project, although it was really hard sometimes, my group and I had a lot of fun. (Hasna Aida, 6e)

2) The “Coffee – Movie”

Here is some information about the coffee video in our film “Skal, Mahlzeit, Bon Appetit”. As you can see or hear in the film the coffee came to Austria with the Turks during the second Turk siege. After the Turks retreated from Vienna they left some coffee sacks behind. The Viennese didn’t know what to do with them so they threw the most of them into the Danube. Only one man in Vienna or better to say in Austria knew what to do with the content of these sacks. He boiled them with hot water and had a drink. This man was called Kinsky. A little bit of information about our video. The day we decided to record the video was the 1st of April and we started at 9 am and finished recording everything around 4pm. It sounds like a long time but it wasn’t. The weather was awful. It was a mixture of rain and wind. At first we started filming at the “Gloriette”, a famous place in Vienna near our Schönbrunn, there we drank different kinds of coffee. I had a Melange which was very good. My other group members took a Café Latte, a Kleiner Brauner and a Cappuccino. Later on we went to the city centre and we filmed in “Cafe Sacher” and in other typical Viennese coffee houses. It was a long but interesting day for the whole group. (Julia Hoilzmeier, 6e)

3) The ‚Pancake‐Movie’

When we heard about the requirements for the movie and the short amount of 3 minutes that was available, we had to think quite a while, but then we came up with the idea, to do a ‚Draw my Life‘ from the perspective of a pancake. At first it sounded like a lot of fun and quite simple to do, but when we slowly progressed with the script, we found a lot of difficulties with turning the whole idea into reality. But happily we managed it in the end. Heda and Clarissa drew on a borrowed whiteboard many times until we had the right material for the movie, which was filmed with Heda’s camera on the tripod of our art class teacher Mrs. Estrada. Gabi provided some great film material about the ingredients, recipe and the cooking process which was later added into the movie. Cutting the film was pretty easy actually, but putting the voiceover over it was harder than expected, the timing wasn’t always right and we had to rearrange parts of the texts. Sara did the voiceover for the first part at school on my laptop and I did the rest of the voiceover at home, stayed up late to finish it as well as I could, you can probably hear by my voice in the movie that I wasn’t really wide‐awake. However I am quite pleased about the result and I couldn’t think of a better 3‐minute‐long educational movie about pancakes. (Ibrahim Adouni, 6e)

Bayeux, we’re coming!