Art Exhibition in Oslo

The aim of the exhibition in Oslo was to show Europe and how it is today.
The first topic the students dealt with was trade in the European Union, where the students tried to show the biggest trade routes, which disperse all across Europe, with pins and strings. Another exhibit is a circle out of stars, the stars are the flags of the member states of the EU, similar to the flag of the European Union. With this the students wanted to show how we are all together in this journey and need to work together to make things happen.

The next category of the exhibition was the refugee crisis or rather refugees in Europe. The first piece in this category is the word Love out of many black and white pictures, to show that love always wins. The second part was a book where the pages symbolized the waves of the ocean and little paper boats with people in them symbolized the refugees who take the route across the Mediterranean Sea. There was also a big poster to show the different routes and ways people come to Europe. Last but not least there was also a game people could play.

For the category human rights some students produced a short movie, where they interviewed random people on the streets. Another exhibit dealing with human rights was a statue out of five hands, four of them, all in different colours, hold onto each other with the fifth in the middle being painted in rainbow colours and showing the middle finger to show that we are all the same, no matter which colour our skin or hair has, how big or small we are, which religion we have we are all the same, we are equal human beings.

The last category was social media and the internet. The first piece in this category was a big human eye with a camera as the lens to show that nothing we see is for us anymore, everything goes straight to the internet. Another exhibit is an adjustment of the twitter bird with tweets from famous people, but mainly Donald Trump on them. The other pieces are a paper laptop with facebook conversations to show how dangerous the internet can be and two posters, one with a head that is full with the logos of various social media and one that symbolizes an Instagram post which went viral, of a little boy laying next to the ocean.

Please click on the photo below to see more photos of our exhibition….