Together with the EYP the students form Austria, Germany, Norway and France has been working on the following topics:

Foreign Affairs (Sara, Sandra, Michaela (AUT), Cynthia, Loretta (GER), Lea, Christoffer (NOR), Baptiste and Carolina (FRA))

Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (Mohamed, Patricia, Milica (AUT), Julien, Marie (FRA), Lea, Christof (GER), Malin and Oscar (NOR))

Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (Yasemin, Hasna, Rahul, Yasmin (AUT), Celia, Clea (FRA), David, Anna (GER), Ulrik and Martha (NOR))

Security and Defence (Sophie, Marco, Theodor (AUT), Sasha, Apoline (FRA), Tom, Lukas (GER), Live and Frederik (NOR))