On Wednesday we went to school and took part in lessons with the other students from AMG Bensberg. The lesson started at 7.50 and ended at 9.25.
Two other pupils from my school and me had Geography in English. The task was to work in pairs and write about the advantages and disadvantages of various irrigation methods but we didn’t do that because we had to write about our meetings with the politicians, that we had had the day before.
After the lesson ended we had a 20 minutes break in which we went outside and spent some time with the Erasmus children.
From 9.45 til 13.15 we had our third Erasmus-meeting. We discussed about how we are going to communicate from now on and decided on the 4 main topics are going to talk about. We agreed on: refugees, climate change, Trump and the European army. Later that day we visited the Cologne Chocolate Museum with our teachers where some of us had their own chocolate made. (by Patricia O. 7e)