On Tuesday we started our day by meeting with our friends at the AMG (Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium) Bensberg. Almost 1 hour later we arrived at Düsseldorf where we visited the ‚Landtag‘, which is the parliament of Northrhine-Westphalia. We also spent our time walking along the River ‚Rhine‘. Later we went back to the ‚Landtag‘ to the parliament room where a woman was already waiting for us. She explained how parliament works and where the politicians from the different parties sit. Afterwards, we also pretended to be politicians and ‚voted‘ on a law to shorten the summer holidays. Then we had 2 hours to explore Düsseldorf, which has some amazing modern architecture.
After lunch my group and me had another 2 hours to talk to a member of parliament, Mr. Müller from the CDU party. Other groups talked to other members of parliament, who were from SPD, FDP and the Greens. We talked about Brexit, the future of the EU, the German elections, the refugee crisis, and education. The meeting with Mr. Müller was a rare opportunity, that’s why we are very thankful. (by Yasemin C. 7e)