So after me and my host sister woke up and had breakfast we went to Cologne city. We took to Deutz and there we crossed the „Hohenzollernbrücke“, a bridge, to get to the Cologne dome, an amazing building. On our way we saw a lot of padlocks because people who are in love or couples hang a padlock with their names on the bridge. My host sister gave me a bit of information about Cologne, she told me something very funny actually: the „Kölner Philharmonie“ have their music hall in the basement of the building and when there is a performance you can’t walk on the place above it because the musicians can hear the steps and it disturbs them. So there was rally in front  of the dome form „Pulse of Europe“ which we joined. Afterwards we took a walk, ate ice cream and went home again. In the evening the hole family sat in front of TV and watched the results to the elections in Germany. (by Hasna A. 7e)