Erasmus+ 20th of March 2017

On Monday the 20th of March we left Vienna international airport at 11:55 and arrived at the airport of Norway/Oslo at 14:40. We went to the hotel of our two teachers to drop our luggage because we had time until 9pm before we had to meet our host families. From the hotel we walked around Oslo city centre. We were actually looking for somewhere to change our money into the Norwegian money because they don’t use the Euro they use Krona. While we were walking around we came to a place where we saw a foam fountain. It was really beautiful. There was a lot of foam. My friends and I played around like little kids. After that we were all really hungry and decided to go and eat in McDonald’s. We spent almost an hour in McDonald’s eating and talking (gossiping). After having fun in McDonald’s we went to Oslo Opera House. But we didn’t go inside we were only on top of the roof. We could see the Fjord and the buildings and everything was so beautiful at night. Of course my friends and I had to take thousands of pictures. We had so much fun but we also had to go back to the hotel and take our luggage. We went to the station where we could finally changed our money. We went by train and finally met our host families who were already waiting for us to arrive. Each family hosts two students. Yasemin and I stay together. Our family is really friendly and their house is a little bit outside of Oslo but it was huge. The kitchen is amazing. They also have a dog. Food was offered but we weren´t hungry anymore. They showed us the huge house. Yasemin and I changed into our pajamas and watched tv. After the film we all went to bed and that´s how our wonderful first day in Norway ended.                                   

                                                            written by Rebecca Adelani